General Tips for EAMCET 2020

The general tips for EAMCET 2020 preparation is as follows –

Concept is the Key:

Most of the entrance exams aim to test candidates’ understanding of the basic concepts of the subjects. Therefore, your focus should be on understanding the key concepts at the beginning of your exam preparation, rather than just rote learning.

Know Your Strong and Weak Points:

Knowing your strengths as well as weak points can be of great help when you are preparing for competitive exams. While going through the syllabus of your exam in detail, you can identify which topics you are confident about and which you aren’t. Doing this activity will allow you to decide which topics need more attention and you can, therefore, plan your study routine around the same.

Regular Practice:

One of the best ways to go a notch higher in your preparation is practising questions on a daily basis. By regularly solving questions, your speed and accuracy of attempting the paper will improve. You can also identify tricks of approaching the questions in the right way. You may take help from various books and sample paper available online to practice questions for the exam.

Taking Breaks:

It is important to take short breaks while studying for EAMCET 2020. You can study one topic at a time and take a break for a short while. Taking short breaks and power naps can help you relax and release the stress and anxiety out of your mind.

Before starting the revision, it is always better to divide the syllabus so that you will have an idea of how many chapters to revise. The division of syllabus can be as follows

Total No. of Chapters to be Revised in Mathematics07
Total No. of Chapters to be Revised in Physics18
Total No. of Chapters to be Revised in Chemistry26
Total Chapters across all Subjects51

You will have to revise 51 chapters in 30 days.

The 30-day or one-month study plan for EAMCET 2020 is as follows –

Total No. of Days for the Exam30 Days
Expected No. of Hours to be Spent on Exam Preparation8 Hours Per Day
Total No. of Chapters to be Revised in a Day4
Total No. of Chapters to be Revised in a Week4 X 7 = 28
Revision of Syllabus Completes in14 Days
Total No. of Days Left for the Exam16
Total No. of Days for Practice Tests/ Mock Tests12 Days
Total No. of Days for Last Minute Revision3 Days

If you study for eight hours a day and are able to revise 4 topics, the above strategy is practically possible.

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